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If you are ever in the search for an American Bully, Pitbull style dog DO NOT get one from Christopher Thornton at Bayou Bully Kennels in Minden, Louisiana. He is a low down dirty crook who talks and talks like he is a reputable breeder with quality American bully style Pit Bulls but DO NOT believe a word he says!!! This pup was for my son and he is now heartbroken due to the condition of his dog, it is sickly and very unhealthy and he will do nothing to help let alone answer his phone. The only thing we got was excuses until we finally stopped calling.

We purchased a dog off of him and it was a horrific experience. We got our pup and it was infested with worms, it had demodectic MANGE which made all of the pups hair fall out, I mean huge patches of hair missing all over its body.

We had to spend thousands of dollars to treat the pup and he still isn't completely healthy after a year of treatment. I spoke to a few people who are also breeders local to him because I was so upset and they said he is nothing but a crook, he is a backyard breeder, liar, and the dogs are all treated as money makers for him used as a puppy mill. His house is a mess and the yard is completely infested with fecal matter which the dogs play and roll around in. They said we made a big mistake using Chris Thornton at Bayou Bully Kennels as he is known to the area to be a very dirty dealing individual.

I wanted to make this post to forewarn anybody in the market for a Pitbull, Bully, American Bully, ABKC, Razors Edge, Gottiline, XXL style dog to NOT deal with him or you WILL regret it.

There are many many other good breeders out there who are true professional kennels, like Devils Den Bullies they seem to be the best. I saw pictures of Christopher Thorntons house where he keeps his dogs and it was a mess, I wish I would have known all of this before we purchased the pup.

He said he would reimburse the pup and help pay for the costs but refused to return any of our calls afterwards.

We have contacted the local Animal Humane authorities to investigate his Kennel and have him shut down. He comes off like he is a good guy but trust me you DO NOT want to go through hat I had to go through with him. It took us to call the authorities to have him email us and he threatened us saying you don't know how we roll in the south and that he will come find us. That is why i posted this in an alias name because I wouldn't put it past him from what I heard. But he knows who I am regardless, luckily he does not have our home address.

Take this lesson learned from my family and I.... DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH BAYOU BULLY KENNELS or you WILL regret it, I can assure you that. I wish I cold post a picture of my dog for you to see how awful he looks, however we still love him and he is part of our family.

Sincerely disappointed X customer,


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That type of mange is a weak immune system, every pup born has the mites from the mom.It takes a long time for a dogs skin to get that bad.

If you got the pup and it had a bald spot , take it to vet asap get mite drops $100 , give it lots of protein ie meat and vitamins for the immune system. I have got a blue coat, it got a fever from bacterial infection as a pup, the immune system got weak, and mites flair up.

Its not caused by kennels, or other dogs.Its normal, but if you start seeing a few patches got to vet asap.


i have a american bully, i did months of research on the breeder, kennel, adult dogs and pups.its ashame what your going thru and i hate to see a animal suffer!

you are a good person for helping your family member thru the good and bad and i respect you for that!!did you get a chance to see the kennel or other pups and dogs before you purchased your pup?


Sad for the dog but not you...there are 100000s of thousands of great dogs in shelters needing a home and even more who get killed because people like you who BUY a dog from a "breeder" therefore promoting the ill health and death of the dogs they produce. So shame on you ..you are just at fault as the *** you bought dog from

to Anonymous Deridder, Louisiana, United States #1085385


Why is someone willing to spend money on the dog they want ridiculed?

Some people don't want a problem dog, or the chance at buying one. Some people want to raise their new "child" from a pup.

Do you feel the same way about human children? Should we not "breed" until every group home and orphanage is empty?

Go suck an egg.

to Anonymous Morganton, North Carolina, United States #1157672

Statistics shows that breeders is not the cause of over population of dogs and on rare occasions there is a purebred dog either owner or breeder comes to claim the dog she done a great job taking care of that pup and deserves the up most respect


ive seen his dogs, they are poor, mistreated, and I would love to prove that he uses them as bait dogs because the male my friend got from him was badly beaten (*** and tear marks) and hair was completely gone from the neck when he had been chained too tightly. horrible person

Arlington, Tennessee, United States #824838

Bayou bullies is a terrible breeder and his only goal is money not the betterment of the breed. This guy is nothing more than a puppy mill. Churning out as many litters as he can so his poor dogs can try to support his lifestyle.

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #811772

I just got a pup from bayou bully's an she is very healthy an his kennels where very clean as his dogs where very healthy thanks Cris for an nice pup.

Los Angeles, California, United States #762429

The condition of that poor puppy speaks for its self. Anyone buying a puppy is not going to allow it to be in that condition. Also, that type of mange is due to poor genetics and poor care of the parents.


@Haha your a liar chris is a crook and a wanna be thug, who praises God on his website but turns around and robs people of their hard earned money thru his puppy mill he calls a kennel.I live a few hours away from this crook and we all in Mississippi know of his reputation.

He should be shut down. And should never be able to own a living creature all those dogs are to him is $$$$$$$$. Just cause someone has a website does not mean he is a credible breeder. If he is a registered breeder then who and where is he registed.

I would love to know.

@Haha you are Chris you liar.I wish you would threaten me and my family like that cause I'm from the south and YES I KNOW EXACTLY HOW WE ROLL DOWN HERE CHUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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